Federal offers you a turnkey approach to meet all of your propane needs

Expert Delivery, Maintenance and Installation

You already know that propane is great for fueling your outdoor barbecue, but did you know propane can be used for so much more? In fact, propane's use in and around the home has been growing exponentially over the last several years. Today, our customers use propane to safely and efficiently fuel many of their homes' indoor and outdoor amenities, including boilers and furnaces, radiant floors, tankless water heaters, fireplaces, clothes dryers, cooking appliances, outdoor lighting, patio and garage heating, outdoor kitchens, mosquito traps and even standby generators!

And, unlike many of our competitors, propane from Federal Energy offers you a turn-key approach from determining which amenities best meet your needs, to excavation and propane tank installation, to propane delivery, and handling all of the necessary permitting in between! We ensure 100% satisfaction by performing all of the work ourselves, using our own equipment, with minimal inconvenience to you.

Clearly, propane is not just for the backyard barbeque anymore!

Federal Energy can meet all your propane needs, including:

  • One-stop shopping: At Federal Energy, we are your one single source for everything related to propane including equipment/tank installations, fuel delivery, and repair. We take care of all necessary permitting and coordinate the entire installation process from beginning to end. In addition, we offer tank sales/rentals, and optional propone ad-on services for customer who already use propane in their home but wish to expand its use to more amenities.
  • Expert propane tank installations: You can trust Federal Energy to help you determine the best above or underground tank solution for your needs, and to install your equipment with minimal inconvenience to you.
  • Dependable automatic propane delivery: Automatic delivery is the easiest way to receive fuel to ensure you won't run out. With automatic deliveries, you never have to check your fuel level or call for a delivery again.

Call our Customer Care representatives at 855.721.2468 to see how you can start experiencing the benefits of propane from Federal Energy today.