Heating Oil

Today, more than ever, oil heat is a great choice for achieving total home comfort all year long.
Whether you are purchasing an existing home, building a new one, or remodeling your current home, you will need to make a decision regarding your home's heating. And we know that you want your heat source to be clean, comfortable, efficient, economical, dependable, environmentally friendly, safe, and versatile, and oil heat is the perfect choice to meet those needs

There are many benefits that come from heating your house with oil:

  • Oil heat is clean: Oil heat has reduced its greenhouse gas emission by 30% in the past forty years! And, in the past 20 years, the sulfur content of heating oil has been reduced from over 1% to an average of .25% – resulting in a cleaner environment for all of us.
  • Oil heat is efficient: Efficiency ratings on new oil heat systems are higher now than ever before. These higher efficiency ratings translate into cost savings on your home heating bill, keeping your home warm without sacrificing comfort.
  • Oil heat systems are versatile: They can heat with water, steam, warm air, or even hydro-air, which uses both water and warm air in the same system. Oil heat systems can be used for whole house heat, domestic hot water production, and even pool heating!
  • Oil heat provides abundant hot water: You will never have to worry about running out of hot water again, even for large and busy, multitasking households.
  • Oil heat is safe: Did you know that if you drop a match into heating oil, it will go out as if dropped into water? Oil heat cannot even ignite unless it is heated to 140 degrees - the point at which it begins to vaporize. An oil heat system preheats the oil and uses an atomizing nozzle to create a mist that is ignited inside a boiler or furnace keeping you and your family safe all year long.